Monday, March 28, 2011

I was chosen to do a Nutella day party!  First off I know nothing about Nutella.  Unlike others I never tried it and was not raised on it.  I was clueless about it until the party day.  

I went with Nutella Brownies.  A recipe I found online.  They where a hit,  Not one left on the trays.  We also had bread, Fruit, and other thngs to dip in the Nutella.  

Things given out at my party:
nutella packincluding:
One small sample of nutella
One very nice bio degradable nutella mug
Recipe and information cards
One nice spread plastic knife. 

We had a blast.  I also learned several in my parent group have tried it and used it on a regular basis.  I learned several more recipes for nutella that I didn't know was possible and I tend to use them all.  

What I learned.  I learned that nutella is delish.  Not knowing really what to expect when I first tried it.  It's creamy and lightly chocolate flavored.  I love it.  I thought it would be overwhelmingly chocolate flavored and its not.  Its like peanut butter but creamier and with a hint of chocolate.   It will be a regular product for our family  now. The main thing I was happy to find out that nutella was gluten free.  nutella also does not contain peanuts for those that are so worried about peanut allergies with children.  

Ps. Its pronounced newtella!  I was calling it nut tella at the party and corrected. :)

Thank you Nutella and MomSelect for this great opportunity from me and my group! 

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