Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One lucky day

One time luck was actually on my side.  Today I am blogging about a day that Lady Luck actually smiled on me. This almost never happens and So I thought I would Share with everyone.

 So when ever we take our son to the dentist we take him to Chuck E Cheese.  So he actually looks forward to dentist day.  His appointment was later in the day so since it is literally right next door( in a mall area) we decided to hop the bus early and take him to there.

We arrived and all was normal and kind of busy.  We found our seats and my son wanted to play in the tunnels first.  I always feel bad for him and let him play.  I feel silly but I play a few kid games trying to win him tickets.  The usual amount we win is around 300.  This is not enough to really get anything he would like.  We sat in a different area which was far away from our regular seat.  We where much closer to the games. My luck seemed its usual bad and so I encouraged my son to play the games.  Sometimes he will hit a jackpot or something.  Not today we both seem to slacking.

Sitting and eating our pizza I noticed a young gentleman that was playing a ball drop game.  He was getting one jackpot at least every time he came over. So, I turned to my husband and said maybe you should try when he is done.  His luck had to be better than ours.  My husband grabbed a few tokens and waited his turn.  When the  guy left he had  a huge stack of tickets.  It must of been at least three hundred.  My husband tried at least five times and the most he won was 26 tickets.  Which is pretty good usually.  For once I really wanted to get my son something nice from there.  I then grabbed some tokens and had the same luck as my husband.  My son took over and got a few free spins and 26 tickets.  26 tokens is pretty good for one token.  So we went back to our table which was only 5 ft from the game.

After some time the guy came back to the game and just loaded it with coins and kept playing while my son played the game next to him.  Yes, Again he had a stack of nearly 300 tickets and as they where coming out he said "Hey, He can have these."  I responded "Wow! Thank you so much."  My son was so happy.  He grabbed them and ran back to the table and asked me to cash them in.  303 tickets and 197 that we won.  We where doing pretty good.  The guy kept returning and winning lots and I found out he was handing them all out to families and choose our family 2 more times!  We kept thanking him.  We ended up with 1323 tickets.  My son picked something he really wanted for 1000 and then said he wanted the baseball.  I told him I am sorry hun but the baseball is 500 and you only have 323 left.  He was mad and couldn't make up his mind on the other toys.  (Autistic kids love there decisions and don't want them changed.)  The same guy was waiting up at the ticket counter because he wanted to know how many tickets we had in all.  The lady behind the counter kept trying to tell my son which toys he could afford with the 323,  He wasn't having it.  To my surprise again the guy said to the ticket lady " Give him the baseball I will make up for his tickets.".  She grabbed the baseball and gave it to my son.  What a day! My son got to pick out two of his favorite toys out of the counter.  He was so happy and  I felt lucky for once.  What a day!

So, there it is.  One of my very few lucky days.  I have much less then the average Joe but I cherish them when they happen.  Are you a Lucky person?  Or are you a Unlucky person like me?  If you are lucky could you stand by a slot machine why I play?   I could pretend the money is going to you. :)  Ok, Ok, Just kidding.  I do not gamble.  Just a stray thought. Feel free to share with me your Lucky story.

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