Friday, March 18, 2011

Reeds Soda Review

I am still out to find the best.  Reed's natural soda is a company that specializes in Ginger drinks. Ginger drinks? I know I thought that too.  Since I am not a huge fan of ginger I was a lil reluctant to try their drinks.  Reeds sent me some samples to try and hand out to my Mom's group and get their opinions too.

First off we tried


I had one the first day.  The taste was gingery but also very delicious.  Unlike most energy drinks this one is all natural and works really well on me.  No awful jitters and no huge crash afterwards.  I love this.  It was a slow and stable energy rush.  I definitely will try this again. 

It contains the following ingredients quoted from Reeds site. "

  • Ginger: powerful antioxidant, increases metabolism, elevates mood and improves digestion and nutrition absorption
  • Green Tea: natural source of caffeine and lowers bad cholesterol
  • Goji:A Himalayan longevity secret with powerful antioxidants, counters aging and increases immunity<
  • Jiaogulan: Referred to as the immortality herb in eastern medicine and contains widest range of saponins from all the plants in nature, known for its ability to restore balance and equilibrium to the body and mind
  • Camu Camu: a rain forest super fruit with high vitamin C concentrate, mood balancing and antidepressant
  • Ginseng: counters stress and increases endurance
  • L-Theanine: promotes meditative state, alertness and relaxation
  • B Vitamins: essential nutrients aimed at counteracting stressful living.
The product is packaged as a 10.5 oz single-use can. "

Also made by Reeds is Virgil's Sodas 

We tried Root beer and Cream Soda.  These are also all natural and taste like old soda fountain soda.  It was really amazing.  They where sweet like dads root beer and are better for you.  Root beer and Cream soda where so smooth the drinks didn't last long.  Neither did the samples that where handed out at my group meeting.  So these will be hits with our summer picnics and are easily finding their way as a regular purchase from my family.  

Virgils contains (also quoted from Reed's site)  "

Virgil’s Microbrewed Root Beer contains these key all-natural ingredients:
  • carbonated water
  • unbleached cane sugar
Along with these natural herbs and spices (including point of origin):
  • anise from Spain
  • licorice from France
  • vanilla (bourbon) from Madagascar
  • cinnamon from Ceylon
  • clove from Indonesia
  • wintergreen from China
  • sweet birch from the southern US
  • molasses from the US
  • nutmeg from Indonesia
  • pimento berry oil from Jamaica
  • balsam oil from Peru
  • cassia oil from China   "

Another Company that really know how to please my family, Taste and Natural is a winning ticket.  If you have ever tried these please respond and tell me how you feel about them.  

** Reeds sent me and my group a pack of Energy Drinks, Rootbeer, and Cream Soda in exchange for an honest review.  

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