Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderforge Games Review

Just looking at this site makes me giggly like a kid making a list of things I want.  These games are magnificent.  The creativity they have is unbound.  I want all the games! lol.  Well I settled for two.

First off we tried Cat in the Hat I can do that! My son and nephew get together to play this one.  When they do its a giggle fest seeing what each other has to attempt to keep their cards.  This game does not get old.  Right after my nephew plays with my sons electric train sets he wants this game opened right up.

"Jump into the fun and discover all the new things you can do!

  • Helps kids discover their own abilities
  • Encourages self-confidence and positive self-esteem
  • Promotes reading skills
  • Develops memory skills
  • High energy game gets kids jumping, balancing, sliding and giggling to celebrate all the things that they can do
Game Components:
  • Trick-a-ma-stick Foam Bar
  • 33 Activity Cards
  • 9 game pieces right out of the Cat in the Hat story by Dr. Seuss, including the Cake, Ball, Book, Fish, Gown, Fan, Rake, Toy Man, and Boat
Ages: 4‐8
MSRP: $19.99" (from the I can do that site.)

I love how interactive and active this game is.  The kids have to act out the cards.  This is a great game for kids of all ages!  Even us parents got involved even though my disablities kept me from doing some of the activities it was a blast. 

Next Up we tried Chuggington 


From the Manufacturer

The go-for-a-ride, see-what’s-inside game. A trainload of surprises is chugging into the depot. Can you find the right cargo? Look inside the boxcars for the shapes, colors and numbers you need. But watch out — you never know when Old Puffer Pete will chug around the track and mix up everything. It’s a fun game of memory, pattern matching and discovery. Learning fun, Memory, Pattern matching, Number, Color and Shape recognition . Product contents Game Box with Rotating Train Disk and 8 Boxcar Doors, 4 game boards, 30 Vee Cards, 32 Cargo pieces and 1 game rules manual. Age 3+, number of players 1 or more. The wonder forge features family games designed to bridge generation gaps and build family bonds. Its preschool sub-brand, i can do that. Games, is designed to celebrate the “can do” in every kid, with games that engage children physically, socially and creatively."

My son loves this game but my Nephew is absolutely addicted!  He has to play it every time he comes over.  Its a perfect game for preschoolers.  The first to fill up their train cargo is the winner.  Pick a card to find out what cargo you need and spin to see what you can get.  Cargo can go by numbers, colors or shapes.  My nephew is 3 and he really wins a lot of the time.  He has figured out the whole game and loves being Wilson.  Me I pick Koko. ;)  This is the funnest preschool game I have ever played with children.  I am a mom, babysitter, and teacher, so yes I have played a lot of games.  Try this game, I know you wont be sorry especially if you have train fanatics at your house.

Both these games are outstanding and defiantly will be recommended by me. 

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