Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coleman's Original Brat Hans Review

Coleman's Original Brat Hans are Chicken Sausages that have No Hormones, No Preservatives, and No Antibiotics added "EVER!" lol.  Another great idea is that they are Vegetarian fed.

I am a Carnivore now even though I debate on being Vegan once again.  I eat only certain meats and it has to be lean,  My son and husband are even more meat eaters than me.  I do look out for the best products in the store and inquiry about them.

Coleman's sent me a couple of coupons to try their Brat Hans products.  I have tried these occasionally in the past but not recently.   Whole foods I do shop at but they tend to be more pricey so these are a real Treat!  I think its better to eat less and better than eating more and unhealthy.

We tried the Chicken With Feta and Spinach.  Yum!  and Double Yum! They are so tasty unlike some store brand I have tired.  Full of flavor with out having the feta, and spinach over power the chicken.  They are just perfect.  They are easily cut up and added to dishes and meals. We cooked ours on a natural wood smoker and grilled red and yellow sweet peppers. We served it with a romaine salad.

(below is from Brat Hans site. ) Please visit them on facebook.

Taste the World in Just One Bite!™

Simply put, The Original Brat Hans® has a taste for adventure. Committed to upholding the time-honored traditions of the Metzger Meister (that's German for Sausage Master). The Original Brat Hans® takes pride in crafting the finest natural sausages and offering some of the most exotic and untamed flavors you'll ever experience.
Our dedication to the fine art of natural sausage making is more than great taste. The Original Brat Hans® is a part of the Coleman Natural Foods family of products which means that the meat used in our natural sausage are raised without using antibiotics-EVER and are fed an all-natural vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. There are NO artificial ingredients, nitrates, nitrites, or MSG added- so you can always be sure that you are giving the best to your family. We create our one-of-a-kind natural sausage by combining only the most simple, all natural ingredients and spices gathered from around the globe.
Our unique and addictive flavors are inspired from Hans' worldwide travels. Combining regional seasonings and our favorite recipes, our gourmet natural sausages are a flavorful mainstay to the family meal. Try all of Hans' varieties and taste the world in just one bite!
Although The Original Brat Hans® is best known for the worldly line of all-natural gourmet chicken sausages, we also offer premium all-natural chicken meatballs.
So... what makes The Original Brat Hans® different?
We use only natural chicken and pork that have been raised with the strict Coleman Natural® protocol of: NO Antibiotics, NO Added Hormones, NO Preservatives- Ever!®
Natural chickens and hogs are 100% Vegetarian-Fed, no animal fats or by-products

** I was given a coupon for a free product and it had no impact on my opinion.  The above is my opinion and mine alone. 

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