Sunday, December 25, 2011

Numi Pu-erh Teas Review

Numi has been long know for its high standard and great tasting hot teas and  flowering teas.  I got to try their new Pu-erh Teas  with my mom group.  I love getting opportunities like this.  

We had our normal group meeting and I handed out the teas.  They where an instant hit.  Cold Crisp and real pure tea.  They didn't have the over watered down or over sweetened flavors that all those brands you see on the shelves at the store.  It tasted like the pure tea that your used to from Numi but in a cold already made tea product.  

The group feed back was 4 1/2 starts to 5.  Everyone loved it.  The most mentioned thing about the tea was the that it wasn't overly sugared.  

For a great Refresh Tea I recommend for you to try the New Numi Cold Teas.  They are delish, healthy, and in a league of their own. 

** the above opinions are mine and my groups alone.  We received no monetary compensation for our opinions and hope you  enjoy the tea as much as we did. 

*** Thank you to The amazing NUMI Tea who waited forever for this blog.  I get sick all the time and did the test taste months ago.  Thank you again. 

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