Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wonder Forge

I love Wonder Forge!  They make some of the best games I have ever played with my son and nephew. They are high quality games and are durable and extremely fun and get the kids really into the game.

Wonder Forge let me try a few games and they where big hits!  First off we tried Joker fun house. All  of our favorite of the three.  Kids or Big Kids pick which superhero the want to be from Batman, Superman, Green Lantern or the Flash! One player is picked to play the Joker!  Kids take turns spinning the wheel (if your joker you get your own wheel to spin)  and moving along the color game board.  If you land on a power up you get to use your superhero's special power! such as Batman gets a shooting symbol to try and knock the Joker down so he has to start all over.  Joker gets his own fun tricks he is playing against all the other players.  He has to make his escape before all the superheroes make it to the end.  He gets the option of rolling a ball to knock over the superheroes so they have to start all over (this is my nephews favorite to be! He is 5 and loves making us start all over.)  This game is endless fun and my nephew begs to play every week.  It never gets old!

The next game we tried was Who Shook Hook? game.  The game is fun!  It is a great game of skill and knowledge.  It really makes you think and have a steady hand.  Players take turns going around the game board and picking treasures off Hooks hammock (Hook also sleeps on the Hammock along with all the treasure.  but do not shake Hook!  If Hook falls it is all over.  Some parts are really challenging like trying to get a piece of Treasure piece with the shovel.  I fail every time.  This fun game is a blast.  The person with the most treasures win.  This game is based on the Disney series Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

The last game we tried was Dr Seuss Fun Machine.  This game is played along with a app type device like an Ipad.  Just download the app from Itunes.  It comes with strong and sturdy cards.  Three fun games that include Matching, Guess-A-Roo, and Slap Down.  All three games are  fun and challenging.     Extremely fun and goes along with your Ipad (also IPhone or IPod.)  From Guessing to matching fun and learning all in one.  I too love playing with my son.

**Again I would love to thank Wonder Forge for being Awesome and letting me try these games in exchange for a honest Review.  I did not receive monetary compensation and the opinions in this review are my heartfelt views.

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