Friday, September 20, 2013

Castle Rock Resort and Water Park

We are going to Branson Mo.!  We get to stay at the Castle Rock Resort and Water Park in Branson. 
 First Day We didn't get to do the water park because it is closed today (Monday.)  We used this day to just rest in the extra comfy rooms.  We are in the Family Tower Room.  My son is so happy and is watching Sponge Bob on his own TV in the bunk bed room.  We got a double bed and TV.  I have never been to Branson so we decided to go out tonight.  More to come...

Almost bed time now.  We had a blast checking out all the Shows and Food areas in this town.  Timmy said he can not wait for tomorrow because that is when the Water Park opens at 1pm... :) See you Tomorrow!.

Tuesday We went out to breakfast and decided to hit the Water Park.  They have two huge slides.  The one here I been on a few times today already.  It goes so extremely fast you hit the water before you know it. 

 Timmy is of course too big for the kiddie play area but he had to check it out.  It would be a wonderful place for the children..
 There are life guards everywhere here and they are so helpful and nice just like the front desk of the Hotel.  Never been treated so nice at a hotel. 
  This slide is a single person with out a raft slide.  This one is not near as fast but just as fun with the swirling action.  I am about to go on it again.  

 Yes, That is me coming out and tipping over.  Can not get enough. 

 Now it is time to go out to dinner.  Can not wait for tomorrow morning.  We get the whole check out day to play in the park too.  I love how close this place is to everything.

Off to bed... See you all tomorrow!

Oh My! This place that I never heard of in the Heart of Branson, MO was just the funnest Vacation this family has ever had.  We do not want to leave and Timmy is planning the next trip back already.  I would love to say  Thank you to the Great people at Castle Rock for letting my family have the best trip ever.  We really needed a vacation and this Resort/ Hotel  is simply the best one I have ever stayed at.  We stayed all day laughing and splashing away.  If you ever plan a trip with your family to the Midwest I recommend this great and cozy Resort!


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