Friday, December 13, 2013

Aksarben Cinema Review

I am so excited I have to start out with this.  I have not had so much fun with the family in some time!  We loved it. 

Aksarben Cinema is nestled in Midtown Omaha on (Aksarben Cinema 2110 S. 67th St Omaha, NE 68106) in one of the newest and cutest shopping areas.  (just off Center!) The have tons of great food and even pop refills out of the new style Coca Cola fill it yourself pop machines. The have everything you can think of inside from very large spacious Theaters to a Bar and Cafe.  Almost no lines for me today waiting for to order food. Instead it was me deciding what to get everyone!

We got our food at the Cafe inside from Delicious Nachos to Pretzel bun Cheeseburgers.  We could not believe the selection.  I of course got coffee to warm me up since I am seeing Frozen. lol.  Sorry at my poor attempt at comedy.  They have a really amazing selection of food in the Cafe or Concession stands that you can take right in to the Theater to eat!

The Theater seats are amazing you can ling back and sorta rock in them if needed. I had to test this out. Oh, boy I know I am a big kid. :) The seats are set up like stadium seats so you can easily see over anyone one in front of you.  The difference is these are very comfortable and made me feel right at home to relax and enjoy the show!

The movie we decided on was Disney's new Frozen! I have seen many trailers on this but It did not do it justice.  This show was so good and funny.  The silly kind of kid funny that made me feel good and young . I laughed like I haven't in a very long time.  Love this film.

The bar was huge! I had to check it out even though we did not drink at it.  I loved it.  Adorable lounge that I will have to try soon.

This was a magical night in short thanks to Aksarben Cinema that gave me Tickets and Great food!   

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Please read my disclosure policy~~ Also I received no monetary compensation for my review and the opinions are mine alone and out of my heart honest. Thank you again Aksarben Cinema.

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** most pics belong to Aksarben Cinema but the food ones are mine.  To see more of mine visit here

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