Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Autism and it's Many Forms

Researching Autism and there are so many opinions on how it started so I was curious how do you think it works?  I have heard Shots, weak immune systems and much more.  What do you believe?  How do you feel about Autism on the Rise?  What area of the spectrum are you or your kids on? Are you kids on a special Diet?  What gave you the first clues your child was Autistic.   I really want to know your opinions on the subject so please comment.

I was thinking I really do not talk about it it much because I hate labeling but I think it really do some good for us to think about it and discuss it.  

My son is now 12 and I used to have him on the GFCF diet but its too expensive when you live off disability.    He is always first and we strive for it.  I noticed something was different around 2 when he didn't talk much and had problems with small motor skills.  He had breathing apnea as a baby and I had to give him CPR once and he was hospitalized for a few days for testing.  There is nothing scarier than having to perform CPR on your infant,   At least in my opinion.  

Then there was school. We sent our son to early childhood special Education classes at 4 but he completely shut off and stop talking.  He loved school at first but then he had a quick and sudden change.  He cried when we took him.   The teacher let other mothers stay to help but one day when Timmy was having a really big issue about me leaving I told him that I would stay for a few minutes.  The teacher immediately turned to me and said "No.  You can not stay.".  This worried me and that day after school he came home with an injury on his back.  It was a fifty cent piece size scratch on his back and he was running a fever.  I was terrified and rushed him to the Children's Hospital ER.   The doctor asked me if he hit his head and I just picked him up from school so I had no Idea.  He recommended I call the his teacher to find out.  In the Emergency room waiting room I borrowed the phone and called his teacher.  I then asked her if she knew that Timmy had got hurt today during school time.  She then freaked out yelling "I have a large amount of students and can not see them all the time."  After that she also raised her voice acting very hysterical.  This did not sit right with me.  It bothered me so much that The next morning I informed the public school system and his teacher that Timmy would not  be returning.  

I homeschool now and its hard and challenging but so worth it.  I can tailor everything to his learning style and give him all the attention he needs.  We take him to homeschool classes at local places such as the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, Children's Museum, and Garden Classes.  He gets lots of social interaction and has his cousin over every week.  

Let me just say for now I am keeping my opinion on how Autism activates in a child closed but I will respond and maybe tell you my opinions if I get others writing to me.  If you Homeschool also which curriculums do you use? Do you buy one or make it up.  I started out with Calvert but I could not afford it anymore.  Feel free to let me know anything you feel on the subject of Autism.  

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