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TreeSmart is all about recycling and Eco friendly products.

We got the chance to try their 12 colored pencils, Ruler, and green pencil case.

The pencils are very cute.  You can tell they are recycled newspaper which is so cool.  We love eco products.   Right under the pencil colors where you sharpened you can see where all the old writing from the news papers is.  My son just loves these pencils and we feel good about him using them too.  He loves that they are different from what everyone else at school has.  We wish everyone would use such great eco products so the earth would be a better place!  These stand up as good as any colored pencil and as a teacher I know some brands are better than others.  These rocked!  The color just as good as the top non eco brand.

Ruler, the ruler is pretty cool.  It is a 6inch recycled material ruler that feels like any other kind of ruler.  It has held up well with school work too.

Green pencil box, it is amazing.  It is also made out of awesome materials that have been recycled and my son thinks it is all so cool  He is in a pre-teen hard to impress age but he sure has liked these.  It is sturdy and hard material.  You know what kids do to their supplies and this is holding up perfectly.

(about quote from site.)
TreeSmart® is dedicated to the idea that all of us are responsible to our environment. We must promote the wise use of all our global natural resources. Everyone is interested in doing his or her part in protecting our planet.
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Since 1998, TreeSmart® has been making ROLLED-UP RECYCLED NEWSPAPER PENCILS.
Headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest United States, TreeSmart began importing raw pencil cores with finished pencil assembly in the U.S. The first 6-8 years were devoted to perfecting quality control issues and fine-tuning the manufacturing processes before launching our first national marketing program in 2003. We opened on-line shopping through the website shortly thereafter.
The company initially began shipping on a nationwide basis to the School Supply markets, Arts & Crafts, and Stationery/Office Supply stores. Now, a good portion of new business growth is derived from custom imprinting for corporate clients and state and local government recycling centers incorporating custom logos, text, and messaging.
TreeSmart experienced many challenges in developing a high-quality pencil made from recycled newspaper during its initial start-up. Today, however, you can enjoy quality TreeSmart® pencils that incorporate the following features and benefits:

• Whole newspaper sheets are rolled around HB high-quality #2 graphite.
• TreeSmart® recycles English newspapers.
• No mulching or mixing with toxic recycling chemicals.
• A special adhesive formula is used to bind the newsprint together into a cohesive core trunk that is as hard as wood.
• They sharpen easily, just like wood – most of our users tell us they sharpen better and last longer than wood pencils.
• Newsprint images are visible on the pencil surface.
• All pencils are made with high-quality ferrules and latex-free erasers that do not smudge.
• Selective colors for erasers are available upon request.
Other TreeSmart® products in development are:
• color pencils made from rolled up newspapers;
• recycled crayons and coloring pencils and coloring booklets with the messages of Recycling, Endangered Species, science, and Environmental Issues from around the globe;
• school supplies from recycled plastic materials and recycled paper.

I have tried this product and gotten results otherwise I would of not posted it.  I rather get in trouble with a company than posting something I feel does not work. 

 ~~Disclaimer: I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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