Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dinosaur vs. Robot 48 Piece Double Sided Floor Puzzle by Imagination Generation

Dinosaur vs. Robot 48 Piece Double Sided Floor Puzzle by Imagination Generation - 3 ft x 2 ft

This puzzle is huge! The kids had a blast putting this together. You can pick one side or the other front and back and they are very easy to tell which side is which. The puzzle only took the kids about 10 mins max to put together. We all have fun including the adults. It is very vivid and thick puzzle pieces. This puzzle is a perfect gift to help your kids mind to work while having fun at the same time. We love it.

Product Description

This is one puzzle sure to leave you floored. Consisting of 48 large pieces, when fully assembled this jumbo floor puzzle is 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. But that isn't the best part... this floor puzzle is actually two puzzles! Just flip for more fun!

Two Puzzles? Too fun!
On one side, the towering T-Rex, and on the other a radical robot! The T-Rex is covered in wrinkly, scaly green skin, has a beady yellow eye, and flashes rows of long, sharp white teeth. The purple and yellow worker robot has a drill arm, a pincher claw, and two eyes that serve as flashlights in dark mines and tunnels. Which will you build first?
Big Pieces, Big Learning
Thanks to its gigantic size, this floor puzzle is assembled with chunky cardboard pieces up to 5" long which are easily manipulated by small hands. Puzzles are great tools for developing your child's fine motor skills, as well as their cognition and ability to solve problems. Even better, this puzzle invites collaboration. Lend your child a hand in placing the pieces, or pack up the puzzle into the sturdy, reusable box and take it on a playdate. Build, tear down, and build again for hours of jumbo-sized fun in a tiny, portable package.

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