Friday, December 26, 2014

Tuna Squish Holiday

Tuna Squish Holiday.

This is just awesome... It is finally a product that keeps me from smelling like walking tuna!  It grabs the can and takes the top off for you.  It is very easy to use with simple instructions.  After you open the can you slip this on the can and you can drain your tuna with no mess into your sink.   It is quite cute too but the only issue is finding a place to put it.  It is so easy to use even the kids can get in on it.  I use it every time for the pets or even sandwiches because who wants to smell like tuna?

The Tuna Squish let's you open canned tuna without smelling like one! It's a handheld can press that drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna (and other cans) with minimal human contact. Never touch your tuna! - See more at:

Simple. Easy. Delicious.

Whether you are a tuna lover, a healthy eater, an athlete or a brainiac you can rest assured, with the Tuna Squish you will never have to touch your tuna again.


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