Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Escapes - Music For Relaxing Review + Giveaway

I live a very high stressed life.  That is why at night I take a long soak in the tub an read while listening to relaxing music.  It really does help to get me to sleep.  Restless nights kill me so I have to slow down and relax a bit before I lay down.  Now that I have tried this a few times I really like it.  Usually I listen to nature sounds or Enya and it does calm me down.  Now I have a new nighttime routine.

I do all this instead of doctor prescribed pills.  Like my doctor admitted that she does not prescribe sleeping pills because all they do is zombie you out and make you think you slept when you really haven't

"Escapes - Music For Relaxing" 

Product Description
Title: Escapes – Music for Relaxing
Composer: Jeff Gold
Running Time: 60 Minutes

The “Escapes – Music for Relaxing ” CD (and download) is a soothing collection of original melodies featuring beautifully arranged acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes.   One full hour of smooth and melodic music, each song has its own unique sound, yet the relaxing tone of the CD remains fluid throughout the entire album. The tempo is ideal for healing and is often used for meditation, massage, reiki and yoga.  It's almost always on Amazon's Top 10 "Relaxation Music" list!

It’s also a wonderful way to drift off to sleep. Beautiful and inspiring, “Escapes” can also kick your creativity into high gear, as well as to make more mundane chores less stressful and to seem more like an “afternoon meditation”.  Long drives pass quickly and dishes seem to do themselves.   Artists and writers have found that it creates just the right ambience for creative thinking
Many parents of special needs children have found that “Escapes” can help to settle their kids down enough to drift off to sleep pleasantly, helping to make bedtime relaxing for everyone.  Jeff’s very special nephew Russell helped to popularize “Escapes” by sharing it with his schoolmates and therapists, who found it to be effective for them too.  “Escapes” has become an important part of many special needs dance, music and yoga programs and students of all abilities have found that it helps improve focus while studying.

If you’re feeling a little stressed, can’t fall asleep, or just need a little background inspiration, “Escapes” is a one hour get-away that will renew and invigorate your spirit.

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