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Red Brick Candle LOFT No. 1 Review

Red Brick Candle | LOFT No. 1 Review

How many candles do I buy? I love my candles and I am always out for the
> best smelling candles. One of the best brands I like is ones like Yankee
> Candle or this order form that people used to sale special. (for some
> reason I can not remember the name.) I get disappointed with ones that
> smell good until burn them. I do not like a icky very artificial scents
> either. This candle is just as good or better than any of those.
> When I first got this my mom could actually smell it without me opening
> the box! It smelled so sweet and pretty. It is caramel/vanilla and is one
> of my favorite scents ever. My mom kept remarking on how good it smells and
> how strong the scent was. Very few candles you can smell through the box.
> It is a large candle, bigger than the ones you get at supermarkets. I had
> to try it right away.... I had to instantly light it to test it. (with the
> cool matches that comes with it. ) Guess what? It actually smells good when
> it is burning! It keeps that scent each time. I have tried 4 times now and
> can not get enough of it.
> This candle has a rich maple/vanilla scent. It comes with free matches
> which I thought was kinda cool. The scent is strong and very pleasant. Red
> Brick Candle makes a great candle that is scented that keeps it scent even
> when burning.

Product Description
Established in 2011, Red Brick Candle is committed to making beautiful, hand-crafted candles, with a focus on simplicity, beauty and sophistication. We pay special attention to the details, knowing that our candles must effortlessly illuminate and compliment the spaces in which they exist. Red Brick Candles are architecturally inspired and are designed to be burned together, creating rich candlescapes that add the perfect touch of warmth to any setting.

LOFT No. 1 | A Deep Blend of Warm Maple and Rich Vanilla: Our LOFT Collection is inspired by the swag, sophistication and simple beauty of loft city living. From the moment you receive your candle, you will notice the attention to detail - from our packaging to the hand-poured wax. Each candle contains 10.9 ounces of premium grade soy based wax and provides 75-80 hours of clean, even burn time and rich luxurious scents. And of course, our wicks are all natural and lead free.

More than creating beautiful candles, we recognize that we must also work in a responsible and socially sustainable way. That's why we also commit to donating ten percent of every dollar we make to community development and urban revitalization efforts in the U.S., with a special focus on the arts and education initiatives in our hometown, Atlanta, GA.

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