Monday, February 2, 2015

Dream Essentials Nite Note Beside Note Pad Review + Giveaway

Dream Essentials Nite Note Beside Note Pad.

Nite Note is a great tool.   When I am sleeping and wake up several a night and my mind won't shut off since I am thinking of stuff that needs to be done but I keep thinking of it instead of going back to bed.  If I turn on the light I will wake others up.  Now I have this on my night stand and I simply grab for it and pull the pen out of the top and the it lights up.  It is not too bright of a light but just enough to see the paper and pen.  Now when I write the stuff down I can go back to sleep.  My mind rest because it knows I have that list to remind me so it does not keep replaying in my mind trying to memorize a thought.  It really sets my mind at ease having this Nite Note Pad. 

Product Description
Dream Essentials Nite Note Bedtime Note Pad
An easy way to capture bedtime thoughts!

Nite Note is the perfect way to record important night time thoughts without disturbing your partner's rest. The contoured hand-held memo pad conveniently holds a pen and a writing pad. Record your thoughts while comfortably lying down.  Pad "lights up" when the pen is removed and "lights off" when the pen is replaced.

Product Details

Use as a "mental memo maker" to...
  • -Jot down a name or number
    -List things to do
    -Record those elusive dreams
    -Document late night phone calls
    -Capture creative flashes
Colors Available
  • Black

  • Notepad and Pen
    Note cards
    Lifetime light
    Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included)

Size7 1/4" long, 4" wide, 2" high

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