Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blupure ecofriendly 13 stage countertop water filter Review

Blupure ecofriendly 13 stage countertop water filter

This water filter is way beyond anyone I have tried! My son has autism and I have many health issues myself. Our health is bad enough already and with constant toxins hitting us from everything from food, water, air, and more. If you do not know tap water is toxic! It is full of flouride and many other chemicals that are harmful especially if you have a weak immune system (like me) or weak gut. You adsorb more than you should with a weak gut.

This is about a two liter of soda height and has one spout. It plugs in easily to your kitchen sink and can be used right away. Just follow instructions which are pretty easy.

What’s in our tap water? it can contain:

1. Fluoride
2. Chlorine
3. Radioactive Contaminants
4. Pharmaceutical Drugs
5. Hexavalent Chromium
6. Lead, Aluminum & Heavy Metals

This machine does an amazing job of eliminating a lot of those chemicals. It is eco friendly and easy to use. Not to mention this is a very good price. We love it.

Never run hot water through this because it will ruin your system.

Product Description
countertop water filter for chlorine,lead,mercury,fluoride,chloramine,bacteria,sulfide,and radiation
Eliminates all odor and taste and makes your water more pleasant to drink
• Very easy to install. Comes pre-installed with a filter cartridge, for your convenience
The filtration process involves 13 stages to ensure that all those harmful chemicals are removed
Readily hooks up to a tap for convenient use.Made in USA

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