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Acquablend Premium Fruit Infuser Bottle Review + Giveaway

Acquablend Premium Fruit Infuser Bottle Review + Giveaway


1.  I drink more water when it has real fruit flavor

2. Thick plastic bottle

3. BPA free

4. Lead Free

5.  It really works



1.  Can not think of one at the moment. 


I use this but it has been stolen by my preteen.  It works great and I prefer strawberries and blueberries but it works great with (but I would not recommend durian fruit unless you like them. ) any fruit.  Having fruit in my encourages me to drink more water due to flavor.  I used to love plain water but as I got older it is just to blah or metallic flavored.  I need fruit to change my drink so I will use it. 

The bottle is perfect sized and has ample room for fruit.  It is made of durable plastic that is BPA and Lead Free.  It pulls the water through the fruit section so you will notice the flavor in the first sip.  One of my favorite things is that it locks so it will not spill if dropped or tipped.  The lock even stops you from popping the lid open.  

Product Description
Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle By Acquablend. Create Your Own Naturally Infused Flavored Water.100% BPA Free Environmentally Safe. Start Your Healthier Lifestyle today

Simply the best fruit infuser water bottle on the planet.

Reduce calories, improve energy & digestion - Whatever your taste! Zing & detox with strawberries, raspberries, apples, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, limes, peaches, blackberries, kiwi fruit, ginger, pineapple, mint, tea, grapes, cantaloupe, rosemary, melon! The combinations are endless!! Make drinking water fun by creating your own flavors.

Stop wasting money on carbonated, artificial, high sugar content sodas!

Our bottle is made of high quality, Eco-Friendly, and Shatterproof TRITAN Safe Plastic. Environmentally friendly & 100% BPA free. Easy to clean & top shelf dishwasher safe. With extra seal protection to ensure that your bottle is LEAK PROOF!!!

This elegant bottle makes a statement that you are committed to your own health & wellbeing. Whether in the office, kitchen or gym. Also, great for outdoors activities such as hiking, camping, & traveling. Fits perfectly into a car cup holder.

Helping you to stay hydrated! Take your portable Acquablend bottle, everywhere!

Backed by our 100% thrilled or your money back guarantee.

Key Features
Our high quality, 24oz (600ml) is perfect for everyday use, helps to make drinking water easy.
- Impact resistant,100 percent BPA-free & reusable, again and again.
- Removable fruit infuser compartment
Easy to clean & dishwasher friendly (up to 40 degrees Celsius/preferably Top Shelf)
- Wide month for added extras such as ice
- Available in a range of vibrant colors
- Double seal, leak proof lid.

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