Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What is Going down in the Smith's Home

Hello everyone..

I thought I would update everyone.  Currently I am going through constant test after test to see what is going on.  First they thought I had MS and then the MRI says no.  Then they thought I had parkinson's.. That is not a no yet it is still up in the air with my Tremors.  All I know is that my body feels like it is being ran over, over and over again.  I get tons of muscle spasms especially in my back.  It is crazy how hard it is even to move lately.

Timmy is doing great.  He is really into gaming now and most of the time you barely notice he has Autism.  Except when you want him to leave the home with you and he constantly saying he wants to go home.   He is starting a gaming channel with my help so check for him soon.   I still wish they would of approved him for make a wish..A late family friend / his adopted grandfather turned him in for it due to his Autism but for some reason that does not count.  We are too poor and it is a shame.  He begs daily to go to Disney World just once.

Homeschooling is going... We are so low income because we are all disabled and I do not get a check due to my husbands and sons check is supposedly too much .  Funny too much does not even get us enough food from month to month. 

Every time we get an electronic it gets broken.  It is sad because I broke my phone so now I can not do my reviews on it.  I really need a camera.  I really need that phone because we do not have a car since we can not afford one.  We have to walk to places which is very hard on my son since he is flat footed and his feet are to flexible and it hurts his legs terribly to walk.

Currently on the home.. Well lets say I learned I can do things myself.  I fixed the family laptop used by my son.  The screen broke and I did it myself.  It was so fun to learn how.  Now I am fixing other electronics and possibly some day building my own.  I am working on fixing up our bathroom.  It is horrible.  The tiles are falling off the wall in the bathroom and I can not get new ones to replace the broken ones since they are plastic.  The sink is falling apart and so is just about every room.  My husband can not do the cleaning or fixing due to some mental disabilities so everything falls on my shoulders.

I still have depression but it is bearable.   As you can tell my anxiety is high right now due to my husbands high anxiety and all I have to catch up on.

Hopefully I will be starting my veggie garden real soon and make that swing bench I have been dying to do.  My art and painting has been on hold due to having my hands full. My writing has been on a permanent halt.

I am going to be doing a survival kit special including weeds that are really herbs in your own yard segment.  Not to mention a lots of homemade recipes for food/shampoo/and lots more.  So be on the lookout.

Oh, yeah and I will be doing a family fun and vacations spots thing for Omaha too so if any companies are interested on me adding them just let me know.  Family fun and Family fun on a budget.

So from all 6 of the Smiths .. Goodnight Sweet dreams and hope to hear from you soon.  (yes I included the fur babies.)

 So you can see why I have been so busy and not posting a whole lot other than reviews.......

Love Yall and thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  :)

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