Monday, April 27, 2015

Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light Review

Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light Review

 Bring the sunshine into your home!  Now I can start my seeds indoors so I can keep an eye over then to make sure the birds do not eat all my seeds. The seedlings are always if you give the a strong start.  About now I start my peas, beans, and lettuce to get it all off to a good start.  The poor things need a good start by starting off in the right soil/fertilizer mix and not to mention sun light.  This provides them the the kind of rays they need from the sun and it is safe for your plant.  They grow so much faster with this light and I started a new set today and can not wait to see how they turn out.

Gardening is relaxing to me.  I have bad health issues that will not let go plant in the cold so I do the next best thing.  I plant on my porch and indoors until the weather warms up. You never know for sure when the frost is over here because a day we had a couple weeks ago was in the 90's  and since then it has been in the 40's and lower.  Weather is never predictable and unless you predict the unexpected.  This and spring storms ruin my garden so now I make sure I have the best protection by growing indoors with this lite.  I now have a clamp lamp and are working on my newest pack of seeds.  The others are off to a strong and great start.

Product Description
The Alite 12W LED Plant Grow Light has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis performance in your garden plants.
Alite manufactures the Grow Light in a precise Heat Sink to generate the least amount of heat and therefore prevent any damage to your Garden Plants.
Due to the consistent Light Production and refined Light Wavelength using the Alite Grow Lamp will maximize your Plant Growth.
12 LED Lights in precise arrangement to improve Growth across all plants. With the supremely efficient LEDs, low heat generation and optimized Light Wavelengths the 12W Grow Light is the perfect option for Indoor Growing.

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