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WearMax Scratch Concealer Review + Giveaway

WearMax Scratch Concealer Review + Giveaway

This stain the scratch to be less noticeable and almost gone.  It i a great product for when you can not afford to replace the wood and you want to make it disappear.  It makes it look brand new and I used it on the sample wood they gave me and my own wood floor.  It is awesome and it worked just like they said.  It was so much better and almost no scratch left.  We used this all over the house on odds and ends and living room table. 

Product Description

The WearMax Scratch Concealer
It Eliminates the White

  • * Eliminates the white line scratches in hardwood floors.
    * Scratch™ is cured under ambient light, creating a permanent seal that won't wash away.
    * Hardwood flooring scratches are concealed and become virtually invisible from a standing height.
    * This product works on 99% of hardwood floors including those finished with Aluminum Oxide.
    * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you aren't thrilled contact Wearmax and we'll make it right.

Finally you've found the perfect solution to hardwood flooring white line scratches. Scratch is a patent pending product and is the first ever hardwood flooring finish in a bottle. Scratch will eliminate the white lines that appear when a scratch is made on the floor. By eliminating the white line and sealing the scratch permanently.

How does Scratch work to remove blemishes in hardwood flooring?

The first thing to understand is that all hardwood flooring gets scratches. That is just a fact of life. Often, when scratches occur a white line will show on the floor, which is very visible & quite annoying. This happens to most all hardwood floors finished especially those with Aluminum Oxide. Today more than 95% of pre-finished flooring uses Aluminum Oxide in the finish.

Up until now, there has been no solution that can permanently eliminate the white line created from the offending scratch. Also once that finish has been impacted with a scratch; the opening in the scratch itself still needs to be sealed to protect your floor.

WEARMAX Concealer, aka Scratch, is a patent pending brand new product that will revolutionize the hardwood flooring industry. Invented by WEARMAX, the world's best hardwood flooring finish, this patent pending product is made right in the USA.

Now you can use this “finish in a bottle” to both seal the scratch & eliminate the white. Permanently.

Even flooring that is finished on-site can get scratches. Typically those floors are finished with a poly-urethane. Most of the time those scratches do not show a white line, however, once the scratch is in the floor the finish needs to be sealed. That scratch will have the tendency to gather dirt and debris in it which makes it harder to clean. Depending on the depth of the scratch the wood itself could begin to stain or exhibit wear and tear. Scratch can help seal these floors too.

This advanced technology allows anyone to apply the concealer to the scratch easily, wipe off the excess and then allow for it to cure in regular ambient light. Do not apply in direct sunlight or exterior applications.

Once cured the concealer will not wash away. Be sure to follow the printed instructions on the bottle with precision to maximize the performance of this amazing new product.

WEARMAX Concealer, or Scratch, is the only permanent solution.

Please note that Scratch can not physically fill in the dent or gouge left in the flooring. The product will eliminate the white line and help conceal the scratch when viewed from normal standing position. It will also provide a seal in the affected area. It is recommended for dark stain floors to apply a color marker to match your stain color before applying Scratch.

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