Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Styles II Fitness Massage Body Stick Roller Review

Styles II Fitness Massage Body Stick Roller Review

This stick is so nice.  I really had no idea what to expect when I got this.  I do know I was not expecting a great muscle relaxer.  This gently messages knots out of your muscles.. It stretches the muscle and tendons to make you more comfortable and have less pain.  It breaks down soft tissue adhesion and it increases blood flow to the muscles.  It gives you a great soft tissue massage to find your trigger points or knots in your muscles.  Most of muscle pain is from knots in the muscles and the best way to work them out is a gentle massage.

This is over 12" long and has handles on each side.  The middle is white moveable pieces that massage your muscles.  It feels so good and makes me almost immediately relax.  I really like this product and hope I can get someone to get my back. :)

  • Bye bye muscle soreness: Works wonders on any type of muscle soreness, cramps, knots and more. Complete body massager: Use on back, legs, shoulders, and more
  • Perfect companion to your workout routine: Before - to warm up / prepare them for exercise. During - relieve cramps and tightness. After to prevent onset of post-activity soreness and pain.
  • Immediate relief: Delivers fast and effective results. Can be used anywhere: Perfect for travel, in the office or at home.
  • Suitable for everyone: Men and women. User friendly, durable & sturdy: Comfortable to hold and use, will last forever.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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