Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Banana Hook Review

Banana Hook Review

My kitchen is getting cluttered so I thought anyway to get stuff out of my way and organize what I can. This is one of those new ways to keep me organized.

This is a hard plastic white hook.  It hold or hangs your bananas on it until you eat them or they ripen.  It has a very strong glue or foam type sticker thing that attaches to the bottom of your cabinets so it hang over your counters and does not clutter.  The stick seems to hold quite a bit because I put a couple pounds of bananas on it and it has been holding them for a few days not  long time.  It holds up pretty well but did have a few issues but they are all fixed now!

Product Description
• The under-counter Banana Hook / Banana Holder uses super-stick adhesive to mount under your counter and holds a bunch of bananas so they ripen naturally!
• This unique under-counter kitchen hanger/hook gadget can also hold towels, washcloths or other lightweight kitchen items.
• Installs in seconds under your cabinets
• No more banana bruises - Keep your bananas delicious and fresh!
• Save counter space - Hook conveniently folds up when not in use.
• No worries - Self-stick adhesive holds the hook firmly in place for bananas.
• Versatile - Also use with towels or other lightweight kitchen items.
• Sturdy - For extra sturdiness, screws can be used to hold it more firmly to your cabinet (screws not included).
• Easy to use - Much easier to use than a standard banana holder / banana stand because it is small and folds out of the way.
• Healthy - Keeps your bananas up off the counter and away from cleaners, ants or other contaminants.
• Clean - Banana hooks will keep your counters organized and clutter-free. Buy 2 or more to hang towels or rags.

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