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Insulated tote bag Review

Insulated tote bag Review

This is a grocery bag that is average height and area.  It is a green cooler bag to keep your food at a cooler temperature that is healthier for your family.  We know if the food gets the wrong temp unseen bacteria starts to produce. Not the good kind that you find in probiotics but the harmful kind that can make you sick.  This product zips up on top and closes most of the way.  It just has a small area in the corners where it does not fully close.

Quoted from item page:

  Zippered, non-woven reinforced tote bag.
  This bag is great for grocery shopping, going to the lake or beach.
  Take your favorite foods on a picnic with this bag. It has plenty of room in it. It will accomdate 18-25 lbs of goodies.
  This bag has 23" handles and a 9.8" gusset. It is very roomy.
  Help cut down on plastic bag garbage. This bag can be reused again and again. GO Green!

I love shopping bags and think this one is a very nice one.  I have used it a few times now and can not wait to use it for the farmers market.

Overall, this is a nice sturdy bag that my family uses nearly every time we go to the store.

Product Description
Insulated, reusable, non woven tote bag with 23" reinforced handles, 9.8" gusset, outside pocket water resistant, cold soda, beer, great for grocery shopping, picnics, the beach, boating trips.  Reuse again and again.  Maintain the cold chain.  Help save the environment by cutting down on plastic bags.

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