Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pack Of 2 Suit Garment Bag Covers And 1 Shoe Bag Review

Pack Of 2 Suit Garment Bag Covers And 1 Shoe Bag Review 

This garment bag cover and shoe bag are great! I love to keep my dresses neat and clean while I travel. It covers a good part of my dress and I just place it in and hang it on the handle off the ceiling of the car. They are amazing and can not believe how hard it was to keep my dress unwrinkled when in the car. Before, I would fold it neatly in my suitcase but it would still get wrinkled. Now with this it keeps the spills away and the wrinkles.

It seems like a ok sturdy material on both bags. I still keep the plastic on my dresses under the bag. It covers a good amount of the dress and I just slightly tuck my dress in. Just enough to make it fit. The shoe bag is quite nice and surprisingly fit my size 11 shoes.

I think this is a good value.

A little tip.. I keep a dryer sheet in with the dress to keep it really smelling fresh.

Product Description
Thinking how to carry a suit, and extra pair of shoes while you travel? Are you tired of carrying your garments and branded shoes without
proper protection, sabotaging their smart looks? How many of you have regretted the idea of storing your suits, pants, shirts and dresses
without protecting it properly? It is time to say good-bye to all the hazards related to transporting and storing your smart and elegant garments.
Let this set of 2 top quality suit carriers and shoe bag do the job for you!
We proudly offer your stylish suits AND shoes the protection they deserve, and let us tell you why what we offer is superior to the other offers on Amazon.
Why people are buying this bundle package?
    ✓ Guaranteed best protection
    ✓ 110 GSM thickness
    ✓ Nice gold metal corners, for the finished classic look
    ✓ Metal eyelet for hanger hooks, for convenient folded over carrying
    ✓ Highly durable and affordable
    ✓ The complete set to transport and store your clothes and shoes without a hassle
Have you been ever frustrated just because the suit you dry-cleaned and ironed is crumpled and full of dust or eaten by moth? Why take any risk when we offer you a stylish .
solution. This bundle of 2 cloth covers and shoe carrier is a must have if you are a college student, executive, manager, frequent traveller, or just a home maker.
The high quality acid free and breathable material of the storage bags keeps your suits, trousers, tops, shirts, dresses form getting musty and dusty while the FREE waterproof
spacious shoe bags will secure your branded leather footwear from getting damp. Pull the drawstring or zip and eliminate any interaction with harmful elements.

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