Wednesday, June 10, 2015

For those who are Depressed like me.

We will never be the prettiest, skinniest, smartest, healthiest, the most creative, and more but guess what?  I am ok with that! Life has taught me many lessons like:

Words really do hurt
Family can be cruel
Life is never simple
Happiness will always have its downsides
Sunshine always comes with rain or snow eventually.

What we need to know is we need to believe in our selves for once.  We can be brilliant, smart, pretty, nice, fun, friendly.  We need to own what we have done and are not proud of and let it go.  It really can be that easy because eventually at one point you realize you can not change the past but you can make a difference in the future.

If your a teenager and are bullied just know they really can not hurt you unless you let them.  Suicide is never the answer.(This coming from someone who tried many times. )

We can never give up because to be strong we have to take a few punches.  And the very old saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  really can be true.

So take a breath be at ease and let it all go. Your free in your mind and I want you to realize your stronger than you think, prettier than they want you to know, skinny enough, Healthy is not about weight, (skinny can be sicker than chunky.), You can be very creative because you created you!

Love Joanne!

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