Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heart to Heart Gifts 2 Pcs Flower Placemat Table Decor

2 Pcs Flower Placemat Table Decor

This is quite an inventive little mat.  I had tea with my niece and decided to decor it up like a little flower party.  She loved it!  I have these sitting up for our next tea party.  These are so beautiful and fun to have.  She loves flowers and could not stop talking about our flower tea party.  It is made well and holds up amazingly. We think these are a big hit!

Made of tough plastic it holds up well to small silverware and plates.  They are square shaped and have several pretty pink flowers with grass on each mat.  They hold up well.

We got creative and put pink peonies in a flower vase with a similar style to the whole tea party.  We loved it.

Product Description
Yes, all the little cute pink flowers come with it. Fun, versatile daisy grass mat unlike anything you've ever seen! Use it as place setting, table runner, or along our picket fence. Individual pieces snap together to cover a larger area.

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  1. This décor is looking really adorable; I needed exactly something like this for my semi-formal party. I am also not sure about party location. So, please suggest me some good party places in the Bronx.


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