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2 FP Coffee Maker™ French Press w/ Plastic Frame

2 FP Coffee Maker™ French Press w/ Plastic Frame

This french press is a good one and the only issue I could find was the handle was a bit wobbly. It does not feel like it will come off and could be something about the design. Do not get me wrong it is a very nice Coffee Press.

Making coffee in the press is by far my favorite way to make coffee and it one of the simplest ways to boot. Coffee just taste better when you let it steep in the grounds.

The glass is very sturdy and thick. The plastic seems strong too along with the plunger. It pours well and has been a hit for a couple of coffee/lunch parties and everyone loved it.

You can also use this for tea too in the same way!

Product Description
A coffee press designed with you in mind
The French Press Coffee Maker w/ Glass Carafe and Sturdy Plastic Frame by FP Coffee Maker is exactly what you need in a coffee press, from consistently delicious, ground-free coffee to well-made, reliable parts. Not only are our products built to last, they are designed with style and elegance.
Quality you can see and feel

This French press is a classy addition to any kitchen - quality craftsmanship with a simple, modern design. 
- Heavy-duty borosilicate glass carafe fits firmly in the durable plastic frame 
- Metal mesh filter delivers flavorful coffee while keeping the grounds out of your cup 
- Sturdy plastic lid, frame and handle 
- Clean-up is a snap - you can quickly rinse the filter clean or easily disassemble it to go in the dishwasher 
- Comes with simple instructions for use and care

How much is a cup?

In coffee lingo, a "cup" is often just 4 ounces. Other brands may mislead you with "8-cup" capacity claims without explaining that means just 4 ounces per cup. Our French press delivers 32 ounces of smooth, delicious coffee (the carafe can hold 34 ounces, but the filter and coffee grounds take up some room). So, how much is a cup? It depends on the size of your mug!

~~Disclaimer~~ I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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