Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[Wireless IP 720P HD Wifi Camera] Video

[Wireless IP 720P HD Wifi Camera] Video

I got to try this camera and loved it. We now use it as a security camera to keep our family safe. We have had issues with things coming up missing or someone going in our grass with a truck and spinning their wheels and ruining our lawn. Around midnight it keeps happening and it makes us scared because we do not know who is doing this.

This camera is a standard IP Camera and works for your family safety or keeping in touch with family on a trip. This is so handy for keeping on an eye on the baby, toddler, and or children. It also makes a great nanny cam so you know your kids are always safe. Going on a trip for work and will be away? Put this in the living room and keep in touch with the family.

The camera is easy to use and set up. You plug it in and connect to a internet source. Turn on your device or smart phone and go to your app store. From there download the mipc app and continue to sign up for an account. Then scan the code on the side of the box with your code and password. When it pops up with the correct number of the device and you type in the password given. Then it will take you to the screen of what your camera is seeing. It is that easy!

The readout is bright and vivid and not distorted which is Awesome. It makes a great safety device for my family.

Product Description
Seeing is believing
The Lefun IP Security Camera with up to date technological features make you stay informed while you're on 
the go without worry about leaving your property, baby, family members or pets at home.
Premium HD video quality
This sophisticated camera offers the ideal 24-hour monitoring solution, with its finest 720p HD image quality. Stream HD quality video directly to your iPhone, Android, or Tablet.
Instant EFFORTLESS online set up
All you have to do to get the Lefun IP Camera up and running is download the free Lefun app MIPC to your mobile devices and plug in the camera at home. The camera also connects to your home's existing WiFi router right away.
Stunning night vision technology and P/T control
This Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi camera remains vigilant 24/7 with night vision capability,allowing you to see up to 30
​  feet in complete darkness.   

~~Disclaimer~~ I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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