Friday, April 22, 2011

Brown Cow Yogurt Review

I love Yogurt.  My all time favorite is Cream Top Creamy Coffee.  We never found a yogurt that comes close to the addictive, delicious taste of this one.  I Swear this flavor is the best yogurt I have EVER tried!  I like a lot of good products but I do not like things to easily.  

With that said I was given coupons to try their Greek Yogurt. Let me tell you this stuff is hard to find.  Whole foods and Trader Joes here do not carry it.  Walmart though does.  Sorry I am not a walmart fan but if its the only way to get it I guess I have to. :(  

This yogurt was very delicious and creamy.  The fruit was just right, not over powering but enough so you do not think you got plain yogurt. (yes, I have bought lots of yogurts that are greek and they taste like they are plain yogurt instead of fruit flavored.)  These are All natural and loved by my family.  Though I will still buy my Creamy coffee (hmm, maybe they will add creamy coffee to the Greek line up).  I will still enjoy and buy the greek fruit yogurts for us.  

About : (copied from their site.) 

We think our Greek yogurt is the richest, creamiest, tastiest nonfat yogurt in the world. Our authentic straining process removes the liquid (whey) to create a stick-to-your-spoon thick and rich Greek treat with about twice the protein of other yogurts and less lactose.
And for cooking? Our Greek yogurt makes a fantastic cooking ingredient. Substitute it for the cream in your favorite dishes for a creamy consistency, less fat and fewer calories.

** I received a few coupons for this product and it did not waver my opinion in the slightest.  I have already been a long time fan of this brand.  I received no monetary compensation.

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