Friday, July 4, 2014

Shark Power Spray – Kid’s Empowerment Kit Review and Giveaway

Shark Power Spray

My thoughts:  This product is just amazing!  Such a cute idea. This product is designed to naturally through scent help your child relax at bed time.  Shark power Spray is used to empower your child from the monster under the bed or horrible nightmares.  Children seem to always have some kind of fear at bed time and this will help!  My son loved it when I sprayed his bed down with it and said that he was a Shark now.  This idea is so unique but its a product that you wonder why you never came up with it.  We love this product and use it every bed time.  My son feels empowered and that makes me feel good.  Overall this product spray is amazing and encourages your child to empower themselves.

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Want to know more? Here you go! (from company)

Shark Power Spray – Kid's Empowerment Kit
Shark Power Spray & Molly Kite  Build self-trust, courage and confidence as you help your child quiet their fears
Proprietary blend of all natural Essential Oils proven to assist in calming, focusing and a restful sleep combined in a spray for your child.
Ja'Mi Body Products LLC and Molly Kite & Co. have joined forces producing a powerful tool for you child.  Shark Power Spray assists in easing your child's fears while providing them with a feeling of courage, strength empowerment and self-love.
Kit includes 1 bottle of Shark Power Spray that can be sprayed on the body, in the air, under the bed, in the closet on linens, toys or anywhere.
1 Molly Kite interactive story to caregivers to share with their child.
1 Poster of Molly Kite and the shark.
BONUS - special access to additional interactive information so that you can help your child grow in self-confidence!
Ja’Mi Products natural aromatherapy products clear energy, invigorate the senses, raise your vibration and bring the mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony. You are invited to experience these healthy, inspirational and uplifting natural products specifically developed and created to awaken your senses while clearing your mind
~~ I got this from Ja Mi in exchange for a honest review.  No monetary compensation was received for this review.

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  1. The Shark Power & Molly kit, the Energy sprays in Prosperity, and the Third Eye Chakra spray are the three I would like the most.

  2. I would like to try the Rejuvenate Massage & Body Oil, PROSPERITY Himalayan & Dead Sea Salt Scrub, and Aura Brite Bath Salts


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