Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nasopure Little Squirt to go Review.

Nasopure Little Squirt to go. 

Nasopure Little Squirt is a perfect size for your kids to netti pot on their own.  It is always to have the best health you can for your family.  I am a strong believer in Netti Pots and I think it is a wonderful one.  It is for ease and on the go.  It packs easily and has convenient packets to easily store in any bag or suitcase.  Now your kids can do it themselves and with ease.  Get less allergies and other problems when you clean out your nasal passages.  I always feel so much better and so can the kids now too.

It is made of good plastic and easy to use.  My son can do it himself and it makes him more comfortable with rinsing out his passages.   Just about any child can use this by themselves (of course in a age range).  This is simple and you feel much better after.  We are a netti family.

Product Description
Dr. Hana's Nasopure Little Squirt to go® is the preferred nasal wash for kids! Designed with little hands in mind, this comfortable, convenient, and easy to use nasal wash system cleans out pollens, bacteria, and dust particles before they have a chance to root themselves in your child's sinuses. Little squirt to go can help your child combat allergies, congestion, colds, flu, asthma, and much more - and it's 100% natural! Benefits of consistent use of nasal washing for children include improved sleep, comfort, and general health, marked by fewer expensive doctor appointments.

Little Squirt to go is also great for athletes and frequent travelers. The 4 oz. bottle is perfect for storing in travel bags and sports bags, and can help you stay healthy on the go!

Nasopure is 100% natural - no other additives, perfumes or ingredients. The bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe, too! (Made in Kansas City, MO and assembled by adults with disabilities)

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