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Emmi's Essentials Aromatherapy Diffuser Review + Giveaway

Emmi's Essentials Aromatherapy Diffuser Review + Giveaway

I live a highly stressful life not only am I disabled but so is my husband and son. My son has Autsim and my husband has high anxiety where that he is always on edge. He does not hit or hurt but he will use words that hurt sometimes. He in now way would be able to take care of our son by himself. Every time you call him or my son calls him he acts upset like we are bothering him. It makes a very stressful life.

I use diffusers throughout my house. Mostly I use lavender or peppermint. Lavender to calm and De-stress everyone and Peppermint for my headaches. Diffusers work like magic... and the special power? Turning special magic turning essential oil into a great cloud of air. Ok, I am not a magic type of person and do not believe it really is magic but it really does work. I think god gave us plants for a reason. A lot of them help us and we do not even know it. I know by experience that herbs do work. I know I defiantly get soothed by lavender and peppermint works for sore muscles and headaches.

Anyway enough of that but down to this diffuser. It is a normal diffuser size and it is a nice one. It changes colors and it has a timer so you can set it for a the amount of time you need. It is easy to fill and use. Just take off the top and fill the water base to desired amount. Next pick your desired essential oil and pour a few drops into the water base. Then replace the lid and lock into place. Push the button for time or colors.

It is a very nice diffuser and am currently using it in my bathroom because that is my spa and relax room. I run lavender when I take a candle lit night shower. I tend to pamper myself once in a great while.

Product Description
In one small device, Emmi's Essentials Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier transforms your home into an oasis full of beautiful scents. Its cutting-edge, ultrasonic technology completely breaks down essential oils allowing you to reap all the healing benefits.

For aromatherapy, simply add a few drops of your go-to essential oil(s) (sold seperately) to humidify the air and minimize congestion due to colds and allergies. Get rid of odors in the home from cigarette smoke, cooking, and pets with blends you will uncover in our Diffuser Essentials: Blends for Every Season eBook created exclusively to work with our diffuser.

  • Soothing, peaceful rainbow of cycling LED lights which can be stopped on a single color or turned off completely.
  • Small, yet powerful enough to run 3 solid hours in a room up to 200sq. ft. 
  • 100 ml tank and timer functions at 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes with an automatic shutoff if the water runs out.
  • Whisper quiet ~ at <35db even="" is="" it="" li="" not="" notice="" running.="" will="" you="">

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