Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Okocat Litter Review


We got to try these 4 awesome cat litters.  They are made specifically for different types of cats.  We have long haired and a short haired cat.   We loved each kind but I have to say our favorite is the long haired kind and the pine.  They are lite and easy to pour into the box.  It makes it a breeze to use a pet scoop and clean.  It smells so much better and no daily changing the whole box.  I think this is so much better than those awful clay litters.  They smell right away and you have to change them every few days.  Not only that but the clay dust is harmful to your lungs.  So they are so much better for my cats and for me.  They are even a great price. 

The clumping one is very nice.  I love that it easily clumps to the cats stool so you can shovel it out with a scoop.  The clumping also smells good with a nice out doors scent. 

Long Haired is great for my maine coon mix.  It too smells like a fresh tree and easy to remove and keep the box smelling fresh. 

Dust free is great for us and our pets so we do not get dust lungs and it still smells just as good as the others. 

These are all amazing litters and Now I have a new favorite brand! 

Unique litters for unique cats. (from site)

When it comes to their “personal time” in the litter box, we know cats have strong opinions. That’s why we’ve developed a line of natural wood and paper litters with distinct features that address what is important to them…and you too.

 ~I got a product in exchange of an honest unbiased review.  No monetary was received for this review.

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  1. What is the difference between this and Oko's other clumping litter? (the pink box)
    I have gone on internet another review site https://catlovelypet.com/cat-genie-review-self-washing-cat-box/ automatic litter box. But your review is informative


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